Sorteo familia ganadora
The wining family of the Eurhostal Competitio
Nov 19

This is how the winning family sees us

The competition winning family

Today we announce the winning family of our raffle who won a prize of a 3-night stay at the Eurhostal Complex.

Participants in the raffle had to submit a video or animated photo sequence stating their reasons for enjoying their holidays at the Eurhostal Complex.

We want to thank all the families that have participated in the raffle. In truth you have left us dumbfounded. We loved your creativity with the photos, compositions, music and spoken and written texts. Congratulations! They were heart-warming.

The winning family

This is a young family with two beautiful girls. We are excited and proud to know that they have been enjoying their summer holidays with us for eight years.

This is how the winning family’s video, “why I like Eurhostal” Sees us-

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