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Jun 22

Tradicional food

Traditional food not only stands out for being healthy and varied, but it also gives us a bit of local flavour.

When we are away from home, spending a few days of rest, the last thing we feel like doing is cooking, but we don't want to give up eating healthy.

The Mediterranean diet is rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, cereals, grains, fish and unsaturated fats such as olive oil.

We propose you some ideas of traditional food restaurants in Alcossebre, you must consider that the offer you have at your disposal is excellent. Take note.

At Bar la Maya a wide range of tapas awaits you so you can enjoy the best local gastronomy, with the added advantage that you can sit on the terrace in front of the popular El Cargador beach.

Of course, in case you visit this bar, don't forget to try their best specialty: grilled sardines.

We continue our route through places where we offer traditional food in Alcossebre and it is time to mention Tasca Ximo.

One of the most striking aspects...

Jun 22

Internacional cuisine in Alcossebre

Alcossebre is a vacation destination where visitors can enjoy a gastronomic experience around the world, without having to leave the town, thanks to the different bars and restaurants that offer international food.

We are convinced that you can find practically all kinds of international food, no matter what your favourite is.

From Mexican, Indian, French, French, Italian, Venezuelan, Chinese ... international food is present in Alcossebre.

If you like pizza, we recommend Restaurante Pizzeria El Patio

Not only is it an ideal alternative if you like pizza, but it has a wide variety of dishes that will not leave you indifferent; from Thai yellow curry to lamb tajine from Morocco.

It also has options for vegans, vegetarians and gluten-free dishes.

At the Morrocoy in the marina, inspired by the delicious Venezuelan cuisine, you will find a variety of dishes cooked with: Hummus, Guacamole, Ceviche, vegan and vegetarian dishes, but if you ask us what is our recommendation, we'll tell...

Jun 22

Why should You Spend the Night of Saint John in Alcossebre?

The night of Saint John or San Juan is celebrated throughout Spain on the night of June 23rd. Each place has its own rituals, in all of them fire...

May 22

What Can You Do with Children in Alcossebre?

Once you have chosen the destination, when planning your family vacations, it is fundamental that everyone enjoys, to have information about what...

May 22

What to eat in Alcossebre

Thinking about your next getaway, we help you decide what to eat in Alcossebre to get the best out of its excellent gastronomy. Here you will find a couple of ideas to enjoy more or less well-known dishes from the Valencian community.

Rice dishes

When deciding what to eat in Alcossebre, rice plays an important role in our gastronomy. So that you can choose well, we explain the difference between sweet and soupy.

The soupy rice is eaten with a spoon, the broth plays a very important role in the flavor, typical of the area is the soupy rice with lobster.

Sweet rice is an intermediate point between dry rice, paella rice and soupy rice. It should be able to be taken with a fork and could be compared in consistency to Italian risotto. Sticky rice with rabbit is typical

The elaboration of paella admits almost as many variants as households, we present some of the most...

Apr 22

The snake islands, where are they?

Where are they ?


The snake islands are none other than the Columbretes Islands, located in front Cape Oropesa. These islands were named...