The Bioparc, a different kind of zoo

Valencia’s Biopark is based on the concept of zoo-immersion.  It aims to give the visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the habitat of each animal.  It is a magical world where you experience excitement in every corner and at every minute of your visit, taking you into new discoveries about wild animals and their habitats.

Animals, vegetation and landscape invite you to discover the complexity of natural ecosystems.  The barriers between the visitor and the animals are hidden.  This creates a sense of continuity between the enclosure where animals live and the space occupied by the public.  Zoo-immersion aims to make the visitor feel that they are part of the natural ecosystem.  Although in reality, the environment in which the visitor moves is recreated to meet the needs of the animals that inhabit it.

The Biopark introduces you to a corner of Africa in Valencia.  You will run into the Savannah, then the Equatorial Forest, then the Wetlands and also the Island of Madagascar.  Each zone places the animals in their habitat.  In the savannah you can enjoy herds of antelopes, giraffes and rhinos.  Lions dominate the great meadow from their rocky watchtower.  In the equatorial forest you will venture in search of gorillas.  You will walk with buffaloes and cheetahs and follow the path of the elephants to a cave excavated by these pachyderms.

This video will surely encourage you to know more about it.